Our Mission

At EEC Degrees our goal is to provide a medium for anyone to earn a fully accredited Bachelors Degree. 

Study Guides

With our comprehensive study guides, you will be able to master each subject easily and confidently. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Test Preparation

After reviewing the study material, you will be equipped to take the test. 

Contact us to schedule a test at our convenient testing sites. 

Education Enrichment Center


  • ​How long does it take to get my degree?

 With a bit of motivation, you can graduate in as little as 9 months! 

  • Which college do I graduate from?

​We work with Excelsior College, as well as other colleges. Depending on your specific needs, we will work to arrange that you graduate with the best possible degree for you!

  • How much does it cost?

​We charge per credit. The college you graduate from will charge a graduation fee as well. 

​Please contact us for more information about our extremely affordable tuition rates.

  • Where are the tests given?

​We have convenient testing centers in Boro Park and now in Lakewood and Monsey as well.​ We also offer online testing for the complete degree.

  • Can I transfer my previous credits?

Absolutely! Depending on which college you choose to go through the amount of credits transferable will vary. We work with each student to ensure they maximize their previous education.

  • Do you accept FAFSA?

Excelsior accepts FAFSA

  • Who is this program meant for?

Anyone who is looking to begin their career or continue with their higher education. Many jobs require a Bachelor's degree and this is the easiest and quickest way to receive a degree.

We have high school students as well as grandmothers returning to work!

  • How do I schedule my first test?

​​Contact us at 718-252-4649 or send an email at eecdegrees@gmail.com to receive your first study guide and to schedule your tests.​​​​